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dizzle' was a band that I was in from 1992 to 1995.  It went through several changes until its final product that resulted in 'dizzle'.  It was originallly formed by Mark Satterfield, who was the original lead singer, and myself.  Mark's twin brother, Joel was actually the original bass player, but was replaced by "Boner" when Joel went off to school.  Our first drummer was Rob Duckworth, but because of some turmoil he caused, he was told, "You're FIRED!!!".  He was replaced temporarily by a guy named DJ, but I don't remember his last name, ask Boner, and then by Hugh Breeden, who is my favorite drummer that I've ever played with (sorry T-Bone).  Patrick Foster was also in the early version of this band, until he moved to Columbus, Ohio to go to art school.  He was replaced by Jason Daniel, who at first was going to be our drummer, because at first, Hugh was just filling in until we found a permanent drummer.  Hugh couldn't be our permanent drummer because he was going to school at Georgia Tech, but eventually he came around and transfered to Americus to play with us.  Replacing Mark as lead vocalist was actually not my idea, mainly because he and I were great friends and we formed the band, but I don't think the other members were happy with his singing style.  I also got an earful from some fans too.  Lead vocals was not something that I had really thought about, and while we were looking for another vocalist, I filled in and somehow became the lead singer.


I found an explanation of the evolution of the name that I forgot about.

dizzle began as a "swirl" in a "swirlpool" of "drizzle".  There was a small sound.  A sort of crackling.  Just after God created everything, there was a universe lacking sound.  According to our calculations, dizzle emerged from a "cosmic soup" of protons and neutrons exactly 12 seconds after the birth of the universe as we know it.  The first dizzle was spotted by Darrell, Mark and Patrick, and was discovered by accident.'I thought it sounded rather like a fart.'  said Patrick.'I thought it was a... wait, do you smell something?' replied Darrell.



The name originally was 'swirlpool' and then 'swirl'. Then it went from 'drizzle' to 'dizzle' when we found that there was already a band called 'drizzle', so we decided to drop the 'r' and stick with 'dizzle'.  Contrary to popular belief, Snoop Doggy Dog had nothing to do with the name.  Sorry...


The following songs are from the album, "Psychogram of Love" by dizzle, recorded in 1995 at "Toys in the Attic Studios".



All songs written and performed by dizzle. ©1993-2015.




Jason Daniel - guitar / backing vocals


Hugh Breeden - drums


Ryan "bOner" Brush - Bass


darrell marshall - Lead Vocals / guitar / keys / programming



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