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I am visually impaired with only about 60% vision in my right eye and I'm completely blind in the left eye due to a weird auto-immune problem called Behcet's Disease, which is similar to Rheumatoid Arthritis, and strangely, my artistic abilities as far as painting goes, has actually improved as the vision loss increased. My only problem now, is that I am losing my ability to see certain shades of yellow, which is sort of like Monet in his latter "Blue" years, who also happens to be a great influence on my oil paintings.



I also write and record songs, mainly for my own pleasure, or anyone else who happens to like my recordings. Most of my music can be heard by clicking on the "music" tab.

Albany, GA 31701

ph: 229.886.4875



The funny thing about Art, is that I had never taken an Art class until the second half of my senior year in high school.  I only took it then, because I needed an elective credit and I had really not given much thought to Art before then. The only reason I had chosen Art at this time was because I did not want to take another Industrial Arts class, which was not nearly as cool as it sounded.


It was my Art teacher, Hank Margeson, who encouraged me to pursue an Art scholarship to the local college. My entries for the Art scholarship, consisted of only two drawings, one on blue construction paper was a drawing of my hands drawing hands, and I had drawn it using a black ballpoint pen. The second drawing was on yellow construction paper and was basically of nothing in particular, but was a page full of tiny intricate doodles also drawn with a ball point pen.


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